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“Having a baby is like falling in love again, both with your husband and your child.”


Pregnancy is beginning of new YOU, the most precious gift a women blessed with.  This precious phase will make your family complete, and we are  honoured to be part of beautiful journey.

Pregnancy is adorable phase, If you are lil worried about how you will look, don’t worry its completely our responsibility to make you look gorgeous & Elegant.

Pregnancy session works best between 30-36 weeks of your pregnancy. 


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WELCOME TO SHASHICLICKS® PREGNANCY FAQ SECTION. THIS IS NEELAM, CO-FOUNDER OF SHASHICLICKS® & STUDIO MANAGER! My job is primarily client care and communications - all the behind the scenes work. If you call the studio phone, I'm who you'll speak with, and I'll be calling you to chat as the first step if you submit an inquiry via the website. I put together this FAQ from what I am asked the most often to make your life a little easier. Simply click on the QUESTION to see the answer. If there is a question you have that's not listed here, please contact us!

We create memories in our Advance and luxurious Studio located at KONDAPUR,HYDERABAD. 


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Outdoor session take place at near by location to our studio, Client home park or Resort.

The best time for pregnancy shoot is 30-36 weeks, also depends upon how soon your belly starts showing.  Ideally 30-36 weeks is great time since you are not too tiered and your belly is in good shape.

It’s never too early to schedule your maternity session. Sometimes we can accommodate last minute requests, but we recommend a 2-3 week notice to be on safer side.

The Session length will depend on the package you select. Ideally each look or dress should last about 30-45 minutes.You can also add 15 minutes between the each dress change for allowing time to get ready and resting.

Hair and Makeup is NOT included in package cost. It is recommended that you get ready and come for you session.  Please feel free to speak with us for any advice you need about your makeup and hair. We will give you very detailed and personal advice to keep things at your comfortable.

We do not allow makeup and hair artist at our studio, its recommended that you come ready for your session.

Yes! We really recommend having some photos that include your family. It’s always important to capture that very amazing moment of your life with the most special people.

Yes, we have wide range of maternity props which make your shoot more beautiful and unique.  Usage of properties are based on your package.

Don’t worry about it, we are here to assist you with pose making sure you get best artistic images. Our primary goal is to make sure you feel comfortable, elegant, beautiful and relaxed even if its your first professional photography session.

we understand its most difficult part to plan for pregnancy session costume. Here are we offering your classic maternity gown for your shoot. We also welcome you to use your own outfits. Number of outfit in a session in depends on package and counted regardless of using your own outfit or using from our collection.


Flowy maxi dresses & Form fitting dresses are great. A snug fitting tank top with a low riding yoga skirt can be a great look to show off your beautiful bump.

Keep clothing selections for maternity portraits simple. Stripes and busy patterns can hide the stomach or detract attention away from it. Instead, stick with solid colors.

we will give you very details advice about the styling of your spouse and children keeping in mind their comfort and your outfit styling.

After the shoot, mostly in a week’s time, a link will be shared for shortlisting from which you can select as per your preference and submit.  That list will go through post-processing and delivered within 3 – 4 weeks.

After the shoot, mostly in a week’s time, a link will be shared to shortlist and submit as per your preference. That list will go through post-processing and delivered within 3 – 4 weeks.

Personal Cameras are strictly prohibited in our studio and outdoor shoot. Taking pictures or videos during shoot is strictly not allowed. I work hard to ensure your session is captured artistically in best possible way, I asked that you respect our livelihood and retain from taking photographer/videos of what I am creating during session.

es, you always have the option to upgrade your package.  If you like more photos during your shortlisting image you can share with us, Each additional high resolution edited digital photo – Rs. 600

Sharing images is paramount to my growth and helping the client to find the right photographer. It is only by showcasing images that I will be able to get business and client get an idea of what to expect. By any chance, if anyone doesn’t want their photos to be shared then they can opt for a private session where they have to pay Non-Usage Fee of 40% on the package value.

Outdoor sessions are always photographed in the hour before sunset or beginning at sunrise, year round. We’ll discuss which option is best for you! Not sure what time that is? Just google “sunset and sunrise time for X date in HYDERABAD/PLACE” and you’ll find the answer! Studio sessions are photographed between 11 AM-8 PM dependent on the studio schedule and time of year.

Nope! However, please reserve early to guarantee your date as outdoor locations book very quickly and in advance. Our First Year Collection members have first dibs on weekend evenings, so these go pretty quickly!

If you choose to have your bare belly photographed, no need to worry about stretch marks! All images are professionally retouched. So if you have stretch marks, a few skin blemishes, navel ring piercing scar, etc – these are all removed! If you have other scars on your body, we will discuss this during your session about whether you want those removed or left alone. Some scars are an important part of who you are, and you may want to keep them in your images!

If your session is taking place outdoors, we’ll reschedule to another date! We reserve backup dates in our calendar for this reason so that we can guarantee our availability to our clients. Please note that a weekend backup date is not guaranteed and a weeknight may be the only availability. If your maternity session is in the studio, rain will not warrant a reschedule.

The session can be rescheduled at least 7 days in advance, in case of medical emergency a session can be postponed once. Postponed session bandwidth is maximum 1 month from the day of your booked session , post that your advance payment is forfeited. 

If you are late –

1 hour late from the time of photo session you have selected, your session will be automatically assumed as cancelled and no adjustment/refund/postpone will be applicable.

If you are looking to do your Maternity Shoot, we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email with your interest to contact@shashiclicks.com or give us a ring at 7032857077

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